Easy Tips to Increase Blog Subscription

A web log of blog has evolved as an internet medium. Whereas it was used mainly to post personal diaries and journals, there is now a proliferation of corporate and organizational blogs for business, public relations, and as a means to determine market preferences and public opinion. As such, it now plays a very important role in communication.

Let’s Get Down to Basics

Blogs are websites where articles, commentaries, images, videos, etc. may be posted. A common feature of this type of site is that it allows visitors to add content, although these can be moderated by the blog administrator.

Being a website, a blog thrives on “hits”, and without people visiting the site, it is likely to be relegated to “internet oblivion”. So before one thinks of increasing blog subscription, the issue of having a sufficient number of visitors should be dealt with first. For this reason, the importance of SEO should not be undermined.

Those who already have a popular website may attach their blog to this and take advantage of the existing site’s popularity. This approach has been known to quickly improve page rank and blog traffic. However, a credibility issue may ensue, since the association may be construed as bias.

The bottom line is that some form of SEO will have to be implemented for your blog to stand out and generate the desired traffic.

Now That You Have Them, How Do You Keep Them?

Especially when it comes to corporate and organizational blogs, it is not enough that the desired number of “hits” is obtained. There has to be a way of retaining these visitors so that they will continue patronizing your site, and this is where subscription comes in. In the process you will have to promote your site so that visitors will realize its value and subscribe. And these are some of the things that can be done:

The visitor should be made aware that subscription is an option, and a desirable alternative at that. There has to be an invitation to subscribe that is properly worded and effectively placed within the site. Oftentimes, it is necessary to spell out the benefits of subscribing, and you may even go to the extent of offering a freebie. Remember, you are promoting the blog.

Consistently produce quality content. This is an effective SEO technique and one good way of increasing blog subscription. After all, why bother with a blog that contains mostly trash in the first place? And make sure that the issues remain relevant.

Incorporate a feature box. This is known to improve subscription rate significantly. However, some technical know-how is required since codes are involved. If you do not have the necessary skills, you will have to invest and outsource the task. But if you are after a significant increase in subscription, this is money well spent.

Keep the atmosphere friendly. Imposing your thoughts is a surefire way of losing visitors. Blogs are popular because of the two-way communication it provides, and not so much as to its propaganda value.

Needless to say, a blog is a potent marketing and communication tool provided it is properly executed and maintained. And one way of improving its effectiveness is through subscription.

Janine Fields is a professional photographer, who is presently maintaining a personal photo blog and a business blog for her studio. She sees blogging as an effective way of sharing her work as well as promoting her business.

Writing a Persuasive Content for Landing Page

Short and snappy . . . Like a baby crocodile.

People have very short attention spans these days.

Why? Because we don’t need a long attention span? Back in the past, information was gleaned from other people, from books, TV and radio. This all took time and attention.

Now……… We can get whatever information we need through mediums in seconds. Check your mobile for football results via text, find your location with your sat nav, research breast enhancements online, calculate your taxes on your iPad, call an automated number to hear lists of what is playing at your local cinema, hear 24 hour news on your iPod……….You don’t need a large attention span anymore.

So the FIRST STEP to persuasive content, the MOST important part is to keep their attention.

Step 1:

Grab their attention.

Do it with short snappy phases, pretty graphics and thought provoking titles, sub titles and comments. You must convince them that they WANT to read the rest of your page.

Step 2:

Decide your goals. What do you want your landing page to achieve?

Do you want them to click onto other page?

Do you want to direct sell a product to them?

Are you trying to convince them of an idea?

What are you trying to communicate?

Are you trying to create leads/enquiries?

Are you directing them to something else?

Step 3:

You have your goal, now how do you achieve it.

So you want people to click on another page, then write a web page directing them there, show them pictures of why it is great, what they will get, why they want to click there. Create flash displays and movies to prove it.

If you are trying to direct sell them something then put the selling details and the checkout all on the landing page. Don’t sell them the idea and then ask them to click on your shop link, because the second they click another page, then THAT page has to grab their attention again and re-sell them the points they just forgot. Put your sales details, pics and checkout on the same page and close the sale on the landing page. Then put extras, up sells and continuation sales on the checkout. Little check boxes that say click to upgrade to gold service for $3.00, etc, etc.

Step 4:

Break up your content.

Short sharp paragraphs

Make your point and move on.

Do it well and keep it short.

Step 5:

Layout should flow smoothly,

Don’t ram all your ideas into the page like stuffing in a Christmas goose. Keep it easy to read, and break it up into sections.

Step 6:

Add reading breaks.

If your landing page is all information and needed content, then break it up with a little insertion here and there. Insert a tip or two, or an interesting fact or two, tucked into your text. Even insert a little humor if you feel like adding a little sugar to cut the mustard.

Step 7:


Your landing page is not paying by the word. Say what you have to, be clear, concise and short. Write it, remove words, write it again, cut bits out, re-phrase. Get to the point with as few words as possible.


Take a sentence example:

“This website will show you how to make your fancy Christmas goose look good”


“How to make your Christmas goose look good”


“Christmas goose – Make it look GOOD.”

Step 8:

Proofread it.

Read it all for errors. If there are bits that you only skim through when you read, then those are the bits where you will lose your viewer. I just proof read this, and skimmed over step three. So I am aware that, that is that bit that may lose people.

Step 9:

It should take you twice as long to write, because every time you type a line, you should have to stop to applaud yourself.